Akios Superstore - THE UK's SPECIALIST ONLINE RETAILER OF AKIOS REELS & FISHING TACKLE offering huge savings on the entire range of Akios multiplier and fixed spool fishing reels.


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Welcome to the Akios Superstore

We are a specialist independent online retailer of Akios reels, rods and fishing tackle.

Here at the Akios Superstore we offer the entire UK range of Akios reels, rods and fishing tackle, including the best-selling Akios 656 CTM and Akios Shuttle 656 SCM multiplier reels, the Akios Tourno tournament casting multiplier reels, and also Akios Airloop fixed spool reels.

We are more than happy to help with your ordering, simply call us on 07778 569163 or click here to email us

About Akios

When Akios first burst onto the scene back in 2010 new standards were set for fishing reels.

Combining the superior build quality of reels from years gone by with the latest cutting edge technology, Akios reels are a new generation of high performance, mechanically dependable fishing reels that are built to last!

If you haven't yet done so, check out an Akios reel, you won't be disappointed!



New Akios IRONLOOP AK100 Heavy Duty Fixed Spool Reel

  • Big Fish Reel
  • Colossal 66kg/33kg Drag System
  • Extreme Winching Power
  • Huge Line Capacity

Akios Nitron F-15 Multiplier Reel

  • Superfast 6.2:1 Retrieve Ratio
  • Powerful Gearbox
  • Magnetic Braking System
RRP £229.99
You save £30.00

New Akios Shuttle 656 STR KURO Multiplier Reel

  • 5.3:1 Stainless Steel Gears
  • Low profile open cage
  • Magnetic & centrifugal brakes
RRP £229.99
You save £30.00

Akios AIRPOWER 435 RXP SRS Continental Rod 4.3m 14.5ft

  • Insanely Powerful HMX46T Carbon Blank
  • Casting Weight: 120-225g (4.2-8oz)
  • Sliding Reel Seat
RRP £399.99
You save £40.00

Akios Airloop R10 Fixed Spool Reel

  • Super Slow Oscillation
  • Two long cast spools included
  • 8+1 Ball Bearings
  • Extra long spool
RRP £134.99
You save £10.04

New Akios Shuttle 555 STR KURO Multiplier Reel

  • Narrow Spool
  • 5.3:1 Stainless Steel Gears
  • Low profile open cage
  • Magnetic & centrifugal brakes
RRP £229.99
You save £30.00

INOVA Rig Rapper Case of 24

  • Swivel retaining hole & stopper pin
  • Locking storage case

Akios Orion 100 LD MAGGED Lever Drag Multiplier Reel

  • Compact 656 sized reel
  • Max Drag: 18lb
  • Magnetic Braking System

Akios Shuttle 656 SCM Multiplier Reel

  • Low profile open cage
  • Magnetic & centrifugal brakes
RRP £219.99
You save £40.00