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Servicing and Parts




We carry a selection of the commonly sought after spare parts as shown below.


Looking for a part that we don't stock?

Don't worry, Akios has it covered.

Akios prides itself on quality, precision and durability, and with this in mind appointed one of the most skilled and qualified reel technician's and engineer's in the UK as the contact and service centre for the Akios reels.

Peter Coogan has over 30 years experience in servicing and consulting on new ideas for fishing reels to major brand names. Known to many as the "REEL DOCTOR", Peter is widely recognised as being the most skilled and knowledgeable reel engineer in the UK. This ensures peace of mind when not only selecting your Akios reel for use, but also to know that if spares are required they can be acquired and replaced by the UK's leading reel engineer in the quickest time possible to get you back out fishing and enjoying what you love best.

For servicing quotations and spare parts please call Peter Coogan on:  0151 677 3609

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