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Akios Nitron F-15 Multiplier Reels



Fuelled For Power & Performance

Fishing big baits, for big fish, over big distances?  Then the Akios NITRON F-15 is the reel for you. 

Designed from the ground up as a powerhouse, long distance casting reel, the NITRON F-15 delivers superior casting distances as well as an immensely powerful, superfast, 6.2:1 retrieve gearbox driven by a new ergonomic counter-balanced power handle.

Sporting the Akios QUADRO magnetic braking system controlled by way of a new wider and accessible knobby, precise forces can be applied.

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Akios Nitron F-15 Multiplier Reel

  • Superfast 6.2:1 Retrieve Ratio
  • Powerful Gearbox
  • Magnetic Braking System
RRP £229.99
You save £30.00