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Akios IRONLOOP Fixed Spool Reels





The Akios IRONLOOP is an absolute brute of a reel that will tame the very largest of fish, from halibut of the Norway fjords, skate of the Scottish Highlands, colossal sting rays and large sharks.

Seven waterproof seals in the body and two in the handle ensure protection against the harshest of conditions. With stainless steel pinion, oscillation and drive gears providing immense winching power and a beast of a 66lb/30kg carbon drag system, the Akios IRONLOOP is a true power house reel.

10+1 stainless steel shielded bearings ensures a silky smooth action and the deep spool that holds a massive 440 yards of 30lb mono (440 yards of braid) ensures that hard running fish can be played without fear of being spooled.

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Akios IRONLOOP AK100 Heavy Duty Fixed Spool Reel

  • Big Fish Reel
  • Colossal 66lb/33kg Drag System
  • Extreme Winching Power
  • Huge Line Capacity
RRP £229.99
You save £10.00